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Looking At The World Through Nerd Colored Glasses: When is enough ever enough? By Sheryl Clemente-Whayne.


“Looking at the World Through Nerd Colored Glasses” by Sheryl Clemente-Whayne.

Who doesn’t love a good Zombie flick?

Sheryl’s Nerdy Reviews: Nerd Classic “Shaun of the Dead”.

Sheryl’s Nerdy Reviews: “Mockingbird Lane” aka “the Munsters” reboot.

hello World indeed! I’m very glad to be joining Team Da Nerdette. To introduce myself, I’m Sheryl and I stepped out of the Nerd closet more than 2 decades ago. I am a Mom of four and Grandma of one, I know you are thinking how can I combine Motherhood and Fandom into one fabulously young and gorgeous package? It ain’t easy, but I can assure you I hold advanced degrees in Trekdom and Sci-Fi along with general geeky knowledge, to all around Chick*That*Knows*Stuff championship belt. I am media Omnivorous; books, movies, tv, music, comics, and technology, I consume it all. Like a good Mother I will regurgitate it all out for your review right here, and yes there will be ranting…oh the ranting! So hang on tight boys and girls, no fighting in the back seat or I will turn this blog around and drive it right back home.